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Broughan Engineering offer a wide range of tyres from various manufacturers to suit your speed and capability



  • 400x65/22.5 ex Cargo BIBs 15R remould


  • 435x50/19.5 remould445x45/19.5 NEW


  • 445x65/22.5 ex Cargo BIBs  18R remould


  • 445x65/22.5 New Tyre – road pattern 18R NEW


  • 550x45/22.5 BKT SL648 20 ply TL 166A8 NEW


  • 560x45/22.5 BKT flotation road max NEW


  • 560x55/22.5 BKT flotation road max NEW


  • 560x60/22.5 BKT flotation road max NEW


560 x 60/22.5

445 x 45/19.5

   TL166A8 - 550x45/22.5      FL693 - 550x55/22.5     FL693M - 560x60/22.5

560 x 60/22.5

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