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The range of grain, silage and root crop trailers are available from 12 to 24 tonne tri-axle with 10 stud commercial axles on spring suspension with a large range of optional extras.



  • Colour (Red, Green or Blue)

  • Mudguards

  • Side Markings

  • LED Road Lights

  • Side lights

  • Twin rear lights (each side)

  • Axle - 127mm round - 12 tonne @ 105 km/hr

  • Brakes - 420 x 180 brake shoes


  • Automatic locking rear door

  • Roll over cover

  • Cat Walk

  • Grain Choute

  • Flashing Beacon

  • Swivel Hitch

  • Air Brakes

  • Air Suspension

  • ABS Brakes

Click HERE to see our range of tyres to suit your requirements

Automatic Locking Hydraulic Rear Door

Optional Catching Board

Optional Catching Board

Optional Tool Box

Optional Roll Over Cover

Bespoke Paint Finishes

Optional Grain Chute

Rear Crashbar & LED Lights

Optional Ladder & Catwalk

Hydraulic Brakes as standard with option of Air or ABS 

Optional Rear Hitch

Optional Spoon Hitch

Optional Swivel Hitch

Optional Steer Axle

Optional Fold Over Cover

Drop Sides

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